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Aims of the Australian Professional Technical Analysts (APTA) Incorporated:

(a) To establish and foster a professional association amongst Technical Analysts inside and outside Australia with a view to promoting and advancing the theory and practice of technical analysis.

(b) To hold meetings and conferences for the discussion of all matters related to technical analysis for the purpose of promoting and advancing the theory and practice of technical analysis.

(c) To cater to members so as to meet their professional development needs as technical analysts.

(d) To maintain, improve, develop and encourage the highest standards of professional ethics and competence among Technical Analysts.

(e) To increase the awareness and respect of technical analysis within the financial services industry.

(f) To offer educational courses, activities and functions including assisting, co-operating with, and otherwise engaging in, educational advancement of members within the technical analysis profession along with the granting of certificates of qualification to successful candidates.

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